Shares of Facebook Rose Nearly 3% on Thursday

Facebook reaches 1 billion users in one day for the first time - Illustration / logoMonday was a very interesting day for Facebook for a number of different reasons.

To start, Monday saw shares of Facebook trade down as much as 15 points before recovering the end the session down just five points. Monday was a crazy day on the stock market, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost roughly 1,000 points thanks to concerns over the state of China's economy.

In addition, Monday was also the first time that at least 1 billion different people logged in to Facebook on the same day. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement on Facebook earlier today, claiming that Monday was the first time that the company had ever reached this mark. Zuckerberg had this to say:

"This was the first time we reached this milestone, and it's just the beginning of connecting the whole world."

According to their most recent earnings report, Facebook had an average of 968 million daily active users in June, up 17% from the same month in 2014. In addition, a total of 1.49 billion people logged in to Facebook at least once in June.


Now, depending on how you look at it, this number is staggering for a couple of different reasons.

To start - over 14% of the ENTIRE population of the world, including men, women and children, logged in to Facebook on Monday. This is obviously a staggering number, given how much of the world still lives in complete poverty.

On the other hand, less than 86% of the entire world did not log in to Facebook on Monday. For Facebook bulls, this is obviously a very important number, as it shows that the company still has some growing left to do.

For a number of years, the monetization of its growing mobile population was Facebook's #1 priority. Now, with that largely figured out, Facebook's biggest goal is continuing to grow its already staggering user numbers, especially in the less technologically advanced regions of the world.

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