FedEx Delivering on Christmas Day To Try To Get Packages Out

The Fedex truck ripping throught the streets of a big city in the United States of AmericaIf you ordered something before Christmas and FedEx was responsible for making the delivery, there is a chance that you didn't receive the package on time.

FedEx is currently facing many angry customers after the company failed to deliver an undisclosed number of packages before Christmas. The company blamed bad weather and an unexpectedly high volume of last-minute shipments for the delays.

In response, FedEx is offering "limited delivery operations" on Christmas Day in order to try to get all of the delayed packages out. In addition, the company has opened their customer counters at FedEx Express stations across the United States to allow customers to pick up packages themselves. These moves have also generated some anger, as many feel that the company's employees are being punished for the company's inability to plan properly. FedEx, however, has said that the Christmas Day shifts are being manned by people who have volunteered to work.


FedEx's issues this Christmas season have highlighted some of the dangers associated with ordering from a site like at the last minute (having said that, it's important to note that some people failed to get their packages delivered even though they ordered weeks ago). If you wait until the last minute, you are really putting yourself at the mercy of bad weather and a number of other assorted potential problems.

FedEx's problems highlight the reason why companies such as are looking to do more of their own product delivery in the future, as they are at the mercy of delivery companies who fail to "deliver". A package that doesn't get delivered in time hurts both the brand of the originating company and the company that shipped the package.


Many on social media are vowing never to use FedEx again, while others are putting the blame at the feet of those who wait until the last minute to do their Christmas shopping. Plan ahead, these people say, and you will have significantly fewer issues in the future.

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