Will Donald Trump Win GOP Presidential Nomination?

The caricature drawing of Donald Trump - 2016 ElectionsLove him or hate him? Regardless of the opinion about Donald Trump, 74% of likely Republican voters believe that "The Donald" will probably win the GOP Presidential nomination.

Some Republican voters unabashedly love Trump and his outspoken style, while others in the party believe that Trump's popularity will set the party back. Regardless, there is starting to be a growing acknowledgement of the fact that Trump is more and more likely to be the candidate that squares off against Hillary Clinton in 2016.

According to the first Rasmussen Reports Trump Change national telephone survey of 2016, 74% of likely Republican voters believe that Trump will probably secure the nomination, while 31% believe that it is "very" likely.

Amongst all likely voters, 61% believe that Trump will secure the GOP nomination.


As we enter 2016, Donald Trump is still the clear leader to win the GOP nomination, at least according to a variety of different polling data.

Most media reports have Trump polling with a lead of about 15 points over his next closest rival, Ted Cruz. Marco Rubio is sitting in third place in most polls with roughly 10% support, while names such as Jeb Bush, Rand Paul and Carly Fiorina trail far behind.

We are well past the point of Trump being viewed as a mere flash in the pan - he has proven to be amazingly resilient and popular amongst a large swath of voters. The Presidential election is just 10 months away and in just a few short days, things will really start to count, as the Iowa caucus takes place in early February. "Super Tuesday", which takes place on Tuesday, March 1st, is less than two months away.


If you are a Republican voter, are you happy that Donald Trump may very well end up securing the GOP nomination? If you are a Democratic party voter, are you happy at the prospect of Hillary Clinton (who will almost certainly win the nomination for her party) running against Donald Trump?

Source: RasmussenReports.com

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