President Obama Promises To Remain Active Until He Leaves White House

President Obama saying his goodbyes with a saluteRoughly one year from today, President Obama will no longer be a resident of the White House, having been displaced by likely either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

It seems like only yesterday that a newly elected President Obama addressed the nation in January of 2009.

The nation, reeling from a "Great Recession" that would result in the loss of millions of jobs and trillions of dollars of wealth, was in full crisis mode. Banks had been partially nationalized and other extraordinary measures had been taken to stabilize the global economy. President Obama, who had been elected based on a promise of "hope and change", was taking office at a very crucial point in the country's history.

Things stabilized over the coming years. President Obama, who saw his popularity ratings decline dramatically over the course of his first term, was able to win re-election thanks to a number of different factors, including the death of Osama bin Laden and a gradually improving economy. While some saw President Obama as just another politician who overpromised and undelivered, others believed that the President had successfully navigated the country through one of the darkest times of its history.


President Obama addressed the coming election in his State of the Union speech tonight, warning that the nation should not turn to hate. President Obama has made no secret of his disdain for GOP nominee front-runner Donald Trump, and a number of Obama's words tonight were pointed directly at Trump.

As mentioned earlier, President Obama has said that he plans on remaining active during the last year of his Presidency. In addition to his recent moves on guns, Obama has also indicated that there will be action on other issues that are important to him, including the long-promised closure of Guantanamo Bay.


As President Obama starts his last year in office, Americans are left to wonder about his legacy and what the future holds once his successor has been chosen.

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