Ted Cruz: "Field Needs to Continue to Narrow"

Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio - 2016 presidential elections logosTed Cruz had a very strong showing on Saturday, winning two GOP caucuses in Kansas and Maine and doing very well in Kentucky and Louisiana (Donald Trump ended up winning in these states).

Cruz, who ended up winning more delegates than Donald Trump on Saturday, took to the media on Sunday to ask Senator Marco Rubio of Florida to pull out of the race for the sake of the Republican party. "As long as the field remains divided", Cruz warned, "it gives Donald an advantage". Cruz has warned that a Donald Trump victory would result in the destruction of the GOP.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has also called on Marco Rubio to pull out of the race, though his request is more the result of the two men's ongoing bitter feud. In reality, the longer that Marco Rubio stays in the race, the more it plays to Trump's advantage, as it is very likely that the majority of Rubio's votes and support will shift to Ted Cruz if Rubio were to pull out of the race.


Marco Rubio, who has seen his campaign falter in the face of a withering attack from Donald Trump, has said that he has no plans on pulling out of the race, despite the fact that he is trailing far behind in Tuesday's primary election in Michigan.

In reality, Rubio is likely staking everything on the upcoming GOP contest in Florida, which is set to take place on March 15th. If Rubio falls to win in his home state (he is currently trailing behind Donald Trump in the polls in Florida), there is virtually no chance that his campaign would continue beyond that point.


After Saturday, it's clear that the GOP Presidential nomination is coming down to a two-horse race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. Many members of the "GOP establishment" can't stand Ted Cruz, though they are likely going to hold their noses and back him if Marco Rubio pulls out of the race, as practically anybody is seen to them as a better choice than Donald Trump.

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