Florida Likely The Site of Rubio's Last Stand

Florida Primary - Republican (GOP) party - United States elections 2016According to the latest CNN/ORC poll, Republican Presidential nominee front-runner Donald Trump is currently enjoying a wide 16 point lead over Marco Rubio in Florida.

The Florida primary, which is a winner-take-all that will see the winner collect 99 delegates, is likely going to be the site of Marco Rubio's last stand. While Senator Rubio hasn't given any concrete indication as to his plans past the Florida primary, many people believe that he will pull out of the race and endorse either Ted Cruz or John Kasich if he is unable to beat Donald Trump in his home state.

Here are the numbers in Florida as of this moment:

Donald Trump, 40%
Marco Rubio, 24%
Ted Cruz, 19%
John Kasich, 5%


There was a time when Donald Trump and Marco Rubio had essentially the same odds of winning the Republican Presidential nomination. Despite finishing in third place in the Iowa caucuses, many people saw Rubio's strong performance as an indicator that he was set to overtake Donald Trump and win the nomination. After all, Rubio is/was the pick of the GOP "establishment", and the millions of dollars from various organizations was seen as giving Rubio a fighting chance of beating out Trump for the nomination.

Things, however, quickly went south for Rubio when he decided to take on Donald Trump directly. The two men hurled insults back and forth, with Rubio derisively pointing out the size of Trump's hands and lambasting him for some of his failed ventures.

The move backfired as many people felt as though Rubio came across as childish and petty. Instead of engaging Trump directly in a volley of insults, people said, Rubio should have remained above the fray in order to look as Presidential as possible.

Rubio, as Jeb Bush was quick to learn, suffered after appearing directly in the crosshairs of Donald Trump. Now, with Florida's primary quickly approaching, Rubio's Presidential campaign may have just days left to live.

Source: CNN/ORC Poll: Trump, Clinton leading in Florida, Ohio

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