Trump Looking to Rebound Following Underwhelming Performance in First Debate

The United States of America Presidential Election 2016 - LettersTwo debates of this election cycle, the first Presidential debate and the Vice Presidential debate, are now in the books.

The general consensus seems to be that Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton got the best of Donald Trump in the first Presidential debate, while Mike Pence won the Vice Presidential debate for the Republicans.

We are just about a month removed from the election in November. Donald Trump is currently facing an uphill battle, as many sports books have Hillary Clinton as the clear favorite to win. Many agree that Donald Trump will have to do some serious damage in the last two Presidential debates if he wants to have a chance of winning in November.


The last two Presidential debates are scheduled for October 9th and October 19th respectively. The first of the two debates will be moderated by Martha Raddatz (ABC) and Anderson Cooper (CNN), and will be in a town hall format. The debate on October 19th will be moderated by Chris Wallace (Fox) and will have the same format as the first Presidential debate that took place on September 26th.


In order to score some points in the eyes of the voters, Donald Trump will likely have to put Hillary Clinton on the defensive. In the first debate, the line of questioning largely put Trump on the defensive, and he didn't do as well as his supporters would have hoped. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was largely let off the hook on the subjects of email servers and Benghazi, just to name a few.

Donald Trump faces a tough task in the last two debates - he needs to have a clear and coherent message on issues such as the economy and immigration, while also putting Hillary Clinton on the defensive. In short - can Trump look "presidential" while also holding Hillary Clinton's feet to the fire? It remains to be seen.


Donald Trump has shown an incredible ability to bounce back over the course of his Presidential campaign, though he is now running out of time. Can Trump score in the last two debates?

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