Presidential Campaigns Usually Begin in Spring Before Election Year

The presidential elections in the United States of America are just around the corner.In this day and age, Presidential campaigns never really stop.

It seems as though Presidential campaigns get longer and longer with each passing election.

For the non-incumbents who are running for the White House, the average time that they launch their campaign is 1 year and 7 months before the Presidential election.

So, for the upcoming 2024 Presidential election, potential Republican challengers will be launching their campaigns in the spring of 2023, with a nominee being chosen roughly 7 months before the election.


President Donald Trump has said that he will be announcing his intentions shortly after the midterm elections in 2022.

It is widely expected that he will announce his intention to run in 2024. He has dropped hints about his plans, saying that people will be "very happy" with his announcement.

Generally speaking, potential Presidential candidates will wait until the midterm elections have passed before announcing their intentions, as people are usually pretty distracted by the midterms.


The incumbent can file for re-election whenever they choose.

President Trump famously declared himself as a candidate for re-election just two days after he was sworn in.

The 2024 Presidential election may be unusual in that the incumbent might not even run for re-election.

If you believe the betting markets, President Biden is a coin flip to run for re-election.

In most cases, sitting Presidents will file in the spring before the election year so that they can start raising money for their re-election campaign bid.

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