2022 Setting All Sorts of Undesirable Records

Record-breaking gas prices add up to an expensive summer of 2022 for many.The record for highest-ever gasoline prices in the United States belongs to 2022.

With the average price of a gallon of gasoline recently ticking over $5/gallon in the country, we are officially in uncharted territory.

This means that gasoline prices are higher than in 2008 (when there was a big spike).

It also means that gasoline prices are higher than they were in the early '80s, even AFTER adjusting for inflation.


There is little relief across the country right now.

There are a few pockets where a gallon of gasoline can still be purchased in the low $4s, but those are few and far between.

Prices are sky-high in most of California right now, with most regions seeing prices in excess of $6/gallon.

Los Angeles is particularly bad, where a gallon of gas will cost you $6.50, if you are lucky.


Americans are caught in a terrible situation right now as we approach the summer months.

Airline ticket and hotel prices are spiking, which has led many people to consider road trips for the summer.

The problem, of course, is that gasoline prices are sky-high, so those summer driving trips are going to be expensive.

Thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? Well, there are long waiting lines for those, plus many Americans simply don't have the financial resources to close on an electric vehicle right now.


In short, this is going to be a long, expensive summer, and it'll be interesting to see when we finally get some relief.

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