CAST Was a Popular Target Last Quarter

Chinacast Education (CAST) was a popular stock last quarter amongst the 97 institutional investors (hedge funds, foundation trusts, etc) that we currently track in our database.

According to our data, three of the 97 funds that we track in our database opened up new positions in CAST last quarter (Q1/2010), while four of the 97 funds chose to add to their existing positions. This means that 7 of the 97 funds in our database decided to either open positions or increase their existing positions in the stock last quarter.

The three companies that decided to open up new positions in CAST last quarter were:

Millennium Management LLC - 148,252 shares
Black River Asset Management LLC - 9,900 shares
D.E. Shaw & Co, INC. - 39,313 shares

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The four companies that decided to increase their existing positions in CAST were:

UBS OConnor LLC, +116 shares
Goldman Sachs Group Inc, +7,257 shares
Two Sigma Investments LLC, +66,757 shares
Janus Capital Management LLC, +104,240 shares

CAST is currently trading at $6.05 per share.

Disclaimer: Dave Manuel is neither long or short CAST at this time.

Source: CAST Quote