Where To Play Mines Casino Game

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Stake.com has quickly become one of the biggest online casino companies in the world, and the Mines game on the site is one of the reasons why it has.

Mines is one of the "Stake Original" games on Stake.com and is one of the most popular games on the site. At any one time, there are 4,000-5,000 people from all around the world playing Mines at the same time.

Mines is such a popular game due to its simplicity. It is based on a popular game that was found on all of our computers growing up, and it is extremely easy to play.

After signing up for Stake.com and depositing, navigate to their Casino games section and click on Mines.

You will be met by a 5x5 grid.

Prior to starting your game, you need to select how many Mines will be hidden under these 25 squares.

This number can range from 1 to 24.

The higher the number of mines hidden in the grid, the bigger your payout if you choose a square that DOESN'T contain a mine.

If a mine isn't lurking under a square, a diamond will present itself instead.

At this point, you can choose to cash out and start again, OR you can choose to keep going, with your potential winnings being multiplied.

The more you pick in a single round, the bigger your potential payoff. Of course, there is also more risk, as the more diamonds you reveal, the greater the possibility that there is a mine under the next square.

You can either manually choose the square, or have the computer pick a random square for you.


Mines also allows you to auto-bet if you have something else that you need to do.

You can preset the computer running a certain number of bets for you (say, 100) or you can have it run infinitely.

You can have the software automatically increase/decrease the size of your bet based on if you win or lose a bet. So, you could, for instance, have the software automatically increase your next bet by 20% if you win the previous bet.

You can also set "profit stops" and "stop losses", meaning that the software will automatically quit if you hit a certain profit target or loss.


Mines is an exceptionally fun game to play, and Stake has designed a game that is extremely easy on the eyes. Enjoy!