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Follow these steps to get your 60% Discount and Free Domain:

1. Click This Link (Fatcow.com)

2. Click Sign Up.

3. Enter the domain name that you want to use and move to the next page.

4. Sign up for your account.

Fat Cow Hosting - Discount - 60% off

Are you looking for a web host and have no idea where to start?

After all, there are tens of thousands of web hosts scattered throughout the world - how are you supposed to know which hosts are good and which hosts should be avoided?

One of the "good guys" of the industry is Fatcow. Not only does Fatcow offer plenty of value through discounts and perks, but they also offer fantastic 24/7 customer service. They are there to walk you through every step of the process.

Fatcow.com is currently offering a 60% discount off your first year of service if you sign up through the link and follow the instructions that I included at the top of this article. This Fatcow.com introductory offer works out to a ridiculously low $3.15/month. In addition to the 60% discount, you also will receive:

-free domain name

-no setup fees

-$100 credit at Google Adwords

-$50 credit at Facebook Ads

-$25 credit at Yahoo/Bing Adcenter

-free listing at YP.com (good deal if you are planning on running an online business)

-full Wordpress support (if you are planning on blogging, Wordpress is the gold standard for blogging software)

-instant activation

-free shopping cart

-drag and drop site creation

-unlimited email inboxes

-support for CGI, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby and MySQL


Fatcow.com has a number of scripts built into their backend that will let you set up your site in just minutes. For instance, they offer a point-and-click setup for both Wordpress (if you are planning on blogging) and phpBB (if you wanted to set up a forum on your site). In addition, Fatcow.com will deal with handling the registration of your domain name, plus they'll register it for free!


How long will it take you to set up your site? If you already know which domain name you want ahead of time, you can literally have a website set up and running within 5 minutes. That includes the time that it takes you to register and set up your site - Fatcow.com makes it just that easy.


Fatcow has been in business for almost 15 years (they were founded back in 1998) which is a big positive, in my opinion. A company that has been in business for that long must have a number of very loyal customers or else they wouldn't still be in business.

In short - Fatcow is a reputable company with some pretty amazing deals that you should take advantage of. Good luck!

Fatcow Discount Offer

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Note: Don't forget to follow the instructions at the top of this page!

Fatcow.com Discount Code Reviewed By: Dave Manuel

Review: 10/10

Note: I have a business relationship with Fatcow, and I get paid every time you click a link on this page and sign up for one of their products.