Definition of Above-Board

What does the term "above-board" mean? What is the definition of the term "above-board"?

When somebody is "above-board", they are seen to be both open and honest.

If somebody is not "above-board", they are seen to be deceptive and deceitful.

For instance - most (if not all) politicians are seen as being "not above-board", due to the fact that they are usually anything but honest or open.

Definition of Above-Board - Financial Dictionary - Honest Worker - IllustrationLet's look at another example to fully define the term "above-board":

You are looking to hire a contractor to renovate your home. Of the four contractors that you interviewed, one seemed to be especially open, honest and forthright. In addition to immediately providing references, this contractor also answered questions openly and honestly. While his bid was slightly higher than the others that you were presented, you feel as though he has the most integrity and knowledge of the four bids.

You find this contractor to be completely "above-board", so you decide to hire him to do your renovation.

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