Definition of Ames Straw Poll

What is the Ames Straw Poll? What is the definition of the Ames Straw Poll?

The Ames Straw Poll, aka the Iowa Straw Poll, was started back in 1979.

In the Iowa Straw Poll, Iowa Republicans converge on Iowa State University to cast their vote for their favored Republican nominee. The Iowa Straw Poll is held in election years when there isnít an incumbent Republican president running for re-election.

Definition of Ames Straw PollThe Iowa Straw Poll, as mentioned, is hosted by Iowa State University, and will take place on a Saturday in August of election years. The Iowa Straw Poll is a fund-raising dinner that benefits the Iowa Republican party. Potential Republican candidates will give short speeches and also set up booths at the event.

Republican voters from Iowa will cast votes for their favored Republican candidates. Previous winners of the Ames Straw Poll have included George H.W. Bush and Pat Robertson.

The Iowa Straw Poll is non-binding and has no official significance, but it is seen as an important early indicator of the strength of a candidateís campaign.

Three of the five past Iowa Straw Poll winners have gone on to win the Republican nomination for President.

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