Definition of Anarchy

What does the term "anarchy" mean? What is the definition of the term "anarchy"?

An "anarchy" occurs when there is a complete lack of government or authority.

Without an established government or other authority figure, there are no laws. Without laws, there is usually chaos.

Definition of Anarchy - Politics and Finance - DictionaryLet's imagine that there is a small, fictional country called Anarchovia. For 43 years, Anarchovia was ruled by a cruel dictator. Eventually the people rose up and the cruel dictator fled into exile.

Due to the extreme violence in the country and general chaos that prevailed, there was no officially recognized government in Anarchovia after the dictator fled into exile. Laws no longer applied, and the country was split into several different factions that were ruled by warlords. These factions made their own "laws".


An anarchist is a person who wants to see a world that is free from government control.

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