Definition of Ballot Box

What does the term "ballot box" mean? What is the definition of the term "ballot box"?

Whether you are talking about a municipal, state (or provincial) or general election, ballot boxes will almost certainly be used to gather votes.

Definition of Ballot Box - Financial Dictionary - ElectionsIn most cases when you turn up to vote in some sort of an election, you will go through the following steps:

1. You will enter the voting building and confirm your identity

2. You will be told to walk to a certain voting kiosk.

3. You will mark your ballot and insert it into a ballot box.

4. You will leave the building.

The ballot box is used to gather all of the votes.

A ballot box will be locked with a slit at the top. Voters vote, fold their ballots and then drop them into the ballot boxes themselves. It's important that the voters insert the votes into the ballot boxes themselves in order to remove the appearance of impropriety.

Some countries and states have started to move to electronic voting, but many still believe in traditional voting with ballot boxes.

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