Definition of Basketball Related Income (BRI)

What does the term "basketball related income" mean in the world of the NBA? What does the term "basketball related income" mean, and why is it important?

"Basketball related income", in a nutshell, represents the aggregated operating revenues received by NBA teams, the league itself and any ventures in which the league or a league-related entity has at least a 50% stake.

Basketball related income is tallied up and then the owners and players use this figure to determine the salary cap.

Basketball related income includes a large number of items, including:

The meaning of the term Basketball Related Income - BRI - explained.  Illustration provided.1. Regular season ticket sales.
2. National broadcast rights.
3. Exhibition ticket sales.
4. Playoff ticket sales.
5. Concession and merchandise sales.
6. 50% of fixed arena signage.
7. 50% of luxury suite sales.
8. 50% of arena naming rights.
9. International broadcasting rights.
10. Premium seat licenses.
11. 50% of practice facility naming rights.
12. Revenues pertaining to the selling of BRI rights.
13. Gambling revenues.
14. Parade revenues.
15. 50% of stadium tour and ATM fees.

Here are some of the things that are excluded from basketball related income:

1. Proceeds from assignment of player contracts.
2. Proceeds from sale, transfer or other disposition of assets or property deemed to be included in BRI
3. Expansion team fees.
4. Dues.
5. Capital contributions to a NBA-related venture from an owner.
6. Fines and withheld compensation.
7. Revenue sharing.
8. Interest income.
9. Insurance recoveries.
10. Sale of real estate.

There are numerous other items excluded from the calculation of Basketball Related Income, though these are the main ones.

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