Definition of Battlebus

What does the term "battlebus" mean as it applies to the world of politics? What is the definition of the term "battlebus"?

In politics, a "battlebus" is the vehicle that is used by a party to take its leader to various events.

Definition of Battlebus - Financial Dictionary - ElectionsFor instance, in the United States, President Barack Obama might utilize a massive bus that has his face painted on the side of it with "Barack Obama 2012". This bus, which is a rolling promotion for President Obama's re-election campaign, would transport the President to different events around the country. For instance, President Obama may start the day with a rally in Pittsburgh and end the day with a dinner in another city. All the while, President Obama and his team would be transported via this "battlebus".

The "battlebus" is usually outfitted with all of the latest technology so that the team can work on their campaign during the drives and keep updated as to the latest developments in the campaign.

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