Definition of Big Government

What does the term “big government” mean? What is meant by the term “big government”?

What does “big government” mean? “Big government” is a government that is bloated, spends far too much money and is overly intrusive in the lives of its citizens.

Definition and meaning of Big Government - DictionaryWhen people advocate for a leaner or smaller government, they are advocating for less government bloat, less money spent on government salaries and general government expenditures, and less intrusion into the lives of individuals and private businesses.

“Big government” is generally thought to be:

-too large
-cost ineffective

Government waste and bloat is a worldwide problem and one of the main reasons why we currently find ourselves in a global sovereign debt crisis. Governments around the world spend needlessly and recklessly, all at the expense of the stability of future generations.

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