Definition of Brain Drain

What is the definition of "brain drain"? What is meant by the term "brain drain"? What does "brain drain" mean?

"Brain drain" is when highly skilled workers leave a country, region or economic sector in order to take a job somewhere else.

The workers that are referred to using the term "brain drain" are highly skilled and and highly trained. These workers usually have a great deal of education (through trade schools and college/university) and are expecting to be paid a great deal of money for their skills (and they will, in turn, pay a great deal of taxes).

Brain Drain illustration - Finance definitionExample of "Brain Drain". Joe Smith earns his Mechanical Engineering degree but can't find work in his state of Alabama, so he is forced to move to New York in order to find a job. This is "brain drain", as his state is losing a highly skilled worker that would have contributed a great deal to the local economy.

The most common reason for "brain drain"? Jobs being available in an area that aren't available in another.

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