Definition of Burnt Toast Theory

What does the term "burnt toast theory" mean? What is meant by the term "burnt toast theory"?

The "burnt toast theory" is the idea that something annoying happening to you that wastes some of your time could actually be saving you from some unexpected calamity.

The Burnt Toast Theory explained.  What is it?  In photo:  Blackened piece of bread.For instance - let's say that you start your morning routine in preparation for heading to work.

You accidentally burn your toast, which makes you 5-10 minutes late leaving your apartment, as you have to toast another batch of bread.

The "burnt toast theory" says that this accident may have prevented you from enduring some calamity.

Maybe you would have gotten into a car accident if you had left on time.

Maybe you would have been mugged if you had left on time.

This is the "burnt toast theory", which says that something annoying which results in the disruption of your plans may actually save you from something much worse happening.

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