Definition of Calexit

What does the term "Calexit" mean? What is the definition of the term "Calexit"?

In the wake of Donald Trump's surprising victory in the 2016 US Presidential election, you may have seen the term "Calexit" trending on social media.

A number of Californians, distraught by the Trump win, have advocated California seceding from the Union. Britain leaving the European Union was dubbed "Brexit", so California leaving the United States has taken on the moniker "Calexit".

The definition of the term Calexit when it comes to politics and elections in the United States of America.  Year is 2016 and the wording format follows the Brexit.

Those in favor of California leaving the United States have called for a 2019 referendum on the subject.

Those in favor of California seceding argue that the state has one of the world's largest economies and a voting public that voted roughly 60% in favor of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

It should be mentioned that there have been several other unsuccessful attempts to leave the Union in the past, with most movements quickly fizzling out. The most recent? Former Texas Governor Rick Perry suggested the idea that Texas might leave the United States, though this movement quickly last traction.

Anger right now is extremely high in many part of the country, including California. Will this translate into a "Calexit"?

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