Definition of Class Warfare

What is class warfare? What is the definition of the term class warfare?

In simple terms, "class warfare" is the battle between two classes.

Definition of the term Class Warfare in finance and politicsIn the United States, for instance, there are three basic classes - lower class, middle class and upper class. Many people will divide these classes further to produce classes such as upper-middle class, lower-middle class, etc.

Most recently you have heard Republicans use the term "class warfare" quite frequently. Many people believe that the answer to the country's spiralling deficits is increased taxes (and decreased tax deductions) on the wealthy. The Republicans feel as though this is "class warfare" and that the top income earners in the country are being unfairly targeted. Republicans feel as though other classes in the United States (lower, middle class) are unfairly targeting the upper class, even though the upper class "are the job creators".

Expect the term "class warfare" to be used liberally during the upcoming 2012 Presidential election.

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