Definition of Cold Calling

What is the definition of the term "cold calling"? What does the term "cold calling" mean?

Cold calling occurs when a potential customer is solicited for business when they are not expecting to be contacted.

Definition of Cold Calling - Financial DictionaryFor instance - a newspaper contacts a person at their home to ask if they would be interested in buying a subscription. The potential customer was not aware that a call was coming, and they had not indicated to anyone that they might be interested in obtaining a subscription.

Most people view cold calling in a negative fashion, and this is for very good reason. The very nature of cold calling is intrusive, which leads many potential clients to angrily terminate a "cold call" shortly after it has started.

Cold calling is strictly a numbers game - for instance, a company might be happy if 100 cold calls result in one quality leads. The company would not care if the other 99 calls resulted in angry hang-ups, as long as 1 call generated a lead.

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