Definition of Conservatorship

What does the term "conservatorship" mean? What is the definition of the term "conservatorship"?

A "conservatorship" occurs when a court determines that a person is physically or mentally unable to deal with their own affairs. The court will appoint a person or persons to act as a "conservator", which is the person who will handle the affairs for the person under the conservatorship.

Definition of the term Conservatorship - Financial DictionaryIf a court determines that a person is unable to meet their basic needs by themselves (food, clothing, shelter), they will appoint a conservator. A person who is placed under a conservatorship is deemed to be "gravely disabled", either mentally or physically. This person is deemed to be unable to make legal, medical or financial decisions by themselves.

A famous example of a person under a "conservatorship"? Britney Spears. Spears was placed under "conservatorship" following her very public breakdown a number of years ago, and she remains under conservatorship to this day. Her conservatorship is jointly managed by her father and fiancee. Britney is deemed to be unable to manage her own affairs (allegedly due to some sort of mental illness), so her financial, medical and legal decisions are managed for her.

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