Definition of Deep Dive

What does the term "deep dive" mean? What is meant by a "deep dive"?

To do a "deep dive" into something is to do a significant examination or analysis.

Dave explains what the term Deep Dive means when it comes to the world of business and finance.For instance - let's say that you run a business and are looking into changing your accounting software. You might order a couple of your employees to do a "deep dive" into the possibility of changing your software, including an analysis of the cost benefits and any pros and cons of making the change.

The term "deep dive" used to refer to the act of brain-storming, but in recent decades it has been expanded to include a meaningful examination or analysis of something.

The term "deep dive" doesn't necessarily have to refer to the business world either - you can do a deep dive into just about anything that requires that a decision be made.

For instance, you could do a "deep dive" into which car you should buy or what color you should paint your house.

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