Definition of Disruptive Company

What does the term "disruptive company" mean in the world of business? What does it mean if a company is a "disruptor"?

A "disruptive company" is a company that completely changes an entire industry with their innovations.

The meaning of the term Disruptive Company is explained by Dave.  What is it and what are the examples of one?For instance - Uber and Lyft are both considered "disruptive companies" with disruptive technologies because they completely upended the taxi industry and changed the way that people travel. Ride hailing companies have permanently changed the way that people travel.

Another example?, which completely transformed the retail industry with their innovations. Prior to Amazon coming along, buying things online was seen as a risky endeavour - nowadays, most people default to buying online, as Amazon has done such a good job of streamlining the online buying process.

A few more examples of disruptive companies:



Companies that truly disrupt entire industries usually reap massive rewards for doing so. In most cases, these companies take something that was previously quite cumbersome (for instance, going to the mall and buying something) and make it simple (buying something online).

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