Definition of Doorbuster

What is a "doorbuster"? What is the definition of the term "doorbuster"?

A "doorbuster" is an incredible deal that a retailer offers in order to lure customers into their store.

The purpose of the "doorbuster" special is twofold:

a) To lure customers into the store to possibly purchase other items

b) To keep customers away from competing retailers

Let's give you an example.

Definition of Doorbuster - Financial DictionaryRetailer XYZ is offering up DVD players for just $9.99 as part of their "Black Friday" promotion. XYZ has gone on an advertising blitz to promote this special.

XYZ is going to be losing money on the DVD players, but they are fully expecting to make up the losses via other sales of other items. All of the people that head into the store to buy the $9.99 DVD players will very likely pick up other items (which are priced normally) while they are there.

In addition, XYZ is also gaining brand awareness through this promotion, and they are also introducing people to their store.

This is the general idea behind the "doorbuster" offer.

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