Definition of Entitlement Program

What is an "entitlement program"? What is the definition of an "entitlement program"?

According to Wikipedia, an entitlement is "a guarantee of access to benefits based on established rights or by legislation".

So, let's say that you live in a country where it is written into law that each and every person in the country will receive $XXX per month for their government old age pension. This is an entitlement, and the old age pension program is an "entitlement program".

Definition of Entitlement ProgramLet's say that you live in Canada. As a Canadian citizen, you are entitled to partake in the country's universal health care plan. This is an entitlement - because you are a citizen of Canada, you are entitled to receive health care.

Examples of entitlement programs in the United States include:

-Social Security
-unemployment compensation

"Entitlement programs" are a hot button issue in the United States right now thanks to the sky-high deficits that the country is currently posting. Some want to cut back on the money that is spent on entitlement programs, while others believe that these programs are sacred and shouldn't be touched.

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