Definition of Firebrand Politician

What is a firebrand politician? What is the definition of a firebrand politician?

A firebrand is somebody who incites change, so a firebrand politician would be a politician who is extremely passionate and attempts to incite some sort of a major change.

Definition of Firebrand Politician - Illustration - Financial Dictionary - PoliticsFor instance - let’s say that there is a politician who is very passionate about immigration, especially as it applies to the Mexico/United States border.

This “firebrand politician” believes that the border should be completely sealed by a massive 20 foot concrete wall. This politician is extremely passionate about the border, and this politician uses his passion to try to incite change in order to get the wall built. The stance that this politician takes might not be in line with popular opinion, but he takes it and sticks to his convictions regardless.

This would be a perfect example of a “firebrand politician”. The opposite of a “firebrand politician”? Somebody who just goes with voter sentiment and is afraid to step too far out of line.

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