Definition of Fudge-it Budget

What does the term "fudge-it budget" mean? What is meant by the term "fudge-it budget"?

A "fudge-it budget" is a budget where the numbers have been falsified to give a better picture than the one that actually exists.

For instance - if expected revenues are projected to be unbelievably high and expected expenses are projected to be much lower than what is KNOWN to be projected to be spent, this would be a "fudge-it budget".

Definition of Fudge-it Budget - Financial DictionaryExample: an election is coming up, and a sitting government of an unnamed country decides that they are going to produce a "fudge-it budget" in order to make the economic situation look better than what it actually is. The reason? To ensure that they receive enough votes to be elected.

This unnamed country produces a "fudge-it budget" where they make unreasonably optimistic projections regarding the economy and significantly understates the amount of expenses that the country will incur over the next fiscal year. They present a "balanced budget" which is essentially just pure hogwash.

British Columbia's NDP party was rocked by two "fudge-it budget" scandals in the '90s.

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