Definition of Garnishment

What is the definition of the term "garnishment"? What is meant by a "garnishment" or when wages are garnished?

A "garnishment order" occurs when a creditor gives notice to an employer (or asset holder, in some cases) that a certain amount of money needs to be withheld and given to the creditor, per an outstanding debt agreement.

Definition of Garnishment - Financial DictionaryFor instance - let's say that you decide that you're not going to pay an outstanding credit card bill. The $2,000 bill eventually goes into collections, and you decide that the best course of action is to screen your calls and never respond to the growing threats of action.

Eventually the collection agency files a notice to garnish your wages until the outstanding debt is paid in full. $100 is removed from each and every pay check until the outstanding debt has been paid.

This is a "garnishment order". They are an effective (and embarrassing) way for creditors to get paid for outstanding debts.

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