Definition of Recession Generation, Generation R

What is the "recession generation"? What is meant by the term "recession generation"? What is meant by the term "General R"?

You have the "baby boomers". You have "Generation X". You have "Generation Y". And now you have "Generation R".

"Generation R", or the "Recession Generation", includes those people born between 1980 and 1990. This generation comprises of those people who have graduated from high school in the past 2-12 years.

Generation R Definition"Generation R" are the offspring of the "baby boomers", and will likely be the first generation to do worse than their parents.

Members of "Generation R" are graduating from high school and college and trying to find jobs in a terribly bad economy. Many members of "Generation R" are saddled with debt due to paying for their college educations, and many are going increasingly despondent with their current state of affairs.

Many members of "Generation R" are having to resort to moving back in with their parents, as they are unable to pay their own ways due to the inability to find employment.

Members of "Generation R" have lived through one of the worst recessions in generations during their formative years, and this will have a dramatic impact on their spending and saving habits going forward.

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