Definition of Glad-Handing

What does the term "glad-handing" mean? What is meant by the term "glad-handing"?

"Glad-handing" is typically used in a political context, and means the often insincere attempt by a politician to appear friendly in order to gain a political advantage.

Dave explains the meaning of the term Glad-Handing when it comes to politics and elections.For instance - let's say that a candidate is running for Governor. Before the election, this candidate is seen warmly welcoming members of a neighborhood, keenly listening to their issues, kissing babies, etc.

This is typically seen as "glad-handing" behavior, as they are doing these things in order to sway votes before an election, and not because they actually care about the people that they are talking to.

This type of behavior leads to voter apathy, as most people that believe that politicians will say and promise anything in order to get elected.

"Glad-handing" is an important part of every politician's arsenal as they look to get elected. This has always been the case and will never change.

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