Definition of Goldman Sachs VIP List

What is the Goldman Sachs VIP List? What does the term "Goldman Sachs VIP List" mean?

Every quarter, institutional investors of a certain size have to file something called a 13F-HR. In the 13F-HR, the institutional investor has to list all of their long positions (stocks, bonds, options all qualify) in Section 13(f) holdings as of the end of the quarter.

Goldman Sachs VIP List - Dictionary EntryGoldman Sachs' takes these 13F-HR filings and runs them through their computers.

The firm will then list the top 50 securities that most often appear amongst the top ten holdings of hedge funds and other institutional investors.

These 50 securities comprise the "Goldman Sachs VIP List".

Examples of companies that appeared in the Goldman Sachs VIP List last quarter include Apple, Google, Mastercard, Wells Fargo and JP Morgan and Chase Co.

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