Definition of Grassroots Movement

What is a "grassroots movement"? What is the definition of the term "grassroots movement" as it applies to politics?

In politics, a "grassroots movement" is a movement that develops organically at a local level before spreading throughout the state and even the country.

A true "grassroots movement" isn't organized by political forces - instead, a "grassroots movement" springs up spontaneously due to some pressing issue that a community feels needs to be changed or enhanced.

Definition of Grassroots Movement - Meaning - Dave Manuel Financial DictionaryLet's look at an example of a "grassroots movement".

In the fictional town of Anytown, USA, voter turnout is hitting all-time lows.

A local "get out the vote" movement springs up in order to increase voter turnout. This involves using social media to get out the word that a vote is upcoming, driving people to vote, taking out local ads reminding people to vote, etc.

This local movement is infectious, quickly spreading to nearby towns. Before you know it, the movement has spread throughout the state and the entire country.

This would be a fictional example of a "grassroots movement".

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