Definition of Independent

What is an "independent" as it applies to the world of politics? What is the definition of the term "independent"?

An "independent" is a person who has not registered for any particular party. An "independent" is somebody who could vote for the Democratic Party in one election, and the Republicans the next.

For instance, many "independents" voted to re-elect George W. Bush in 2004, but then turned around and gave their vote to Barack Obama and the Democrats in 2008.

Definition of Independent - Financial Dictionary - Politics and ElectionsWinning over "independent" voters is crucial to the success of any US Presidential campaign (or any other campaign for any office). Much like Florida and Pennsylvania are "swing states", "independents" are the "swing voters" who can decide an election.

Winning over "independent" voters can be a delicate task. "Independent" voters usually don't like over-the-top attacks, as they usually feel some sort of a connection to both major parties.

People who have registered with a certain party usually won't change sides and vote for a different party, which is why winning over "independents" is so important.

In some cases, "independents" will feel unsatisfied with both the Republican and Democratic candidates and will instead choose to vote for a party like the Libertarians.

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