Definition of Leadership PAC

What does the term "leadership PAC" mean? What is meant by the term "leadership PAC"?

According to the Federal Election Commission, a "leadership PAC" (or leadership Political Action Committee) is defined as "a political committee that is directly or indirectly established, financed, maintained or controlled by a candidate or an individual holding federal office, but is not an authorized committee of the candidate or officeholder and is not affiliated with an authorized committee of a candidate or officeholder."

Definition and meaning of Leadership PAC - What is it?Ok - that is not exactly the most crystal clear definition that I've ever seen.

In short - a leadership PAC is established by a Member of Congress to support other candidates. So, Congressman Joe Smith could set up a leadership PAC to support other candidates, but the leadership PAC could not directly support Congressman Joe Smith's campaign. A leadership PAC can contribute to the campaigns of other candidates, but not to the sponsor's campaign. Non-campaign expenses are a different story, however.

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