Definition of McMansion

What is a McMansion? What is the definition of the term McMansion?

The term "McMansion", which is thought to have originated in the '80s, was popularized in the late '90s.

A "McMansion" is a bland, generic, oversized home that is usually situated on a block with a number of other bland, generic, oversized homes. Hence the term "McMansion", as these houses are thought to be mass-produced and lacking any distinctive taste or qualities.

McMansion Definition - Illustration"McMansions" are popular with the upper middle-class, as those in the lower to middle class can't afford them, and those in the upper class will purchase something of a higher quality.

"McMansions" are usually a mishmash of different architectural styles, which is why many people find them so displeasing.

"McMansions" are usually far too big for their occupants. For instance, many double income couples will purchase and live in McMansions, despite the fact that they don't have kids. The homes are not functional for these types of people - instead, they are simply buying them for the status symbol.

Many "McMansions" are now in the hands of banks throughout the country, due to the fact that many of the occupants of these homes couldn't afford the mortgages in the first place. When the real estate market tanked, a McMansion suddenly became much less of a valuable commodity, and many people simply chose to walk away from their mortgages and give their keys back to the bank.

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