Definition of Mega Cap Stock

What is a "mega cap stock"? What is the definition of a "mega cap stock"?

A "mega cap" is any stock that has a total market cap of $200 billion or more.

This is a very elite and prestigious group to belong to - only the biggest and best-known publicly traded companies in the United States can claim "mega cap" status.

-- Term definition - Mega Cap Stock - Business finance dictionary --As of this instant, there are currently three US equities that qualify for "mega cap" status. They are:


There are a few companies that are very close, including Berkshire Hathaway and Apple.

"Mega cap" companies all share these characteristics:

-massive revenue bases
-large cash reserves
-tremendous brand recognition
-disliked by many
-long periods of complete dominance in their respective sectors

Apple, which is just about to break into "mega cap" status, will break the mold in some ways compared to their respective "mega cap" peers.

Apple has tremendous customer loyalty and is thought to be a "good" company (in terms of good vs evil). ExxonMobil, Wal-Mart and Microsoft have all been embroiled in their fair share of controversies across the years, whereas Apple has not.

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