Definition of Meme Stock

What is a "meme stock"? What is the definition of the term "meme stock"?

A "meme stock" is a stock that has gone "viral", meaning that people have bought the stock due to the influence of Twitter, Reddit or other social media.

A great example of a "meme stock" was Gamestop (GME) which had a massive spike in 2021.

The stock was the talk of the investment world, and many tens of thousands of people across the world bought shares in the stock, mainly due to the influence of social media.

Many people thought that the stock was going to go to $100,000 per share, bankrupting Wall Street in the process.

This caused many people to rush in to buy the stock, which caused shares of GameStop to increase more than tenfold.

This was a "meme stock" as the popularity of the stock went viral due to social media.

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