Definition of Nanny State

What does the term “nanny state” mean? What is meant by the term “nanny state”?

In order to understand the term “nanny state”, let’s first define the term “nanny”.

A “nanny” is somebody who takes care of a child, usually while the child’s parents are at work.

Definition of Nanny State - Financial DictionaryA “nanny state” is a negative term that is used to describe a government that is thought to be over-bearing and overly intrusive in the lives of its citizens.

In a “nanny state”, a government seeks to protect people from themselves. For instance, in a “nanny state”, a government may decide to outlaw all forms of gambling (online and otherwise) that don’t take place in government-run casinos.

In a “nanny state”, a government will have burdensome regulations that prevent businesses from operating in a normal manner. These burdens will be in place to “protect citizens”, but in the end they will ultimately harm citizens by preventing normal economic growth.

The term “nanny state” is usually used derisively to describe a bloated and meddlesome government that is over-regulated and over-bearing.

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