Definition of Nest Egg

What is a "nest egg"? What is the definition of the term "nest egg"?

A "nest egg" is a sum of money (or liquid assets) that is being saved for some future use.

A "nest egg" is usually kept for retirement, but it could also be used to pay for tuition or a large mortgage payment.

Definition of the term Nest EggThe term "nest egg" is most often used when referring to a person's retirement savings. "I have a nest egg of $3 million that I am saving until I retire."

A young person who has been saving their paper route money all of their life also might have a "nest egg" socked away for when they attend college or university. "I have a nest egg of $20,000 that I am going to use to help pay for my tuition."

The sad truth? Many nest eggs have been savaged over the past few years thanks to the "Great Recession", which is going to force many people to work much longer than they had previous anticipated.

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