Definition of Pink Slip

What is a "pink slip"? What does the term "pink slip" mean?

If a company gives you a "pink slip", then they are telling you that your services are no longer required and that your position is being terminated.

What is a Pink Slip? - DefinitionA "pink slip" is thought to be a colored piece of paper that is included with your pay check that lets you know that your services are no longer required. In actuality, companies don't really give out "pink slips", which leads people to wonder exactly where the term has come from. Companies will usually verbally let their employees know that they no longer have a job.

It is thought that the Ford Motor company used to include a pink piece of paper in a worker's cubbyhole if their standard of work was deemed to be unacceptable, but this has never been verified. Source:

Whatever the case may be, workers have come to dread the term "pink slip", as it means that they no longer have a job.

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