Definition of Political Rally

What is a "political rally"? What does the term "political rally" mean?

A "political rally" is a gathering at which people of similar political beliefs listen to speakers or musicians. Political rallies are often high energy events that are used to raise morale and support.

Definition of Political Rally - Financial DictionaryFor instance - the Republican candidate for the Senate seat in the state of Minnesota holds a "rally". The race is a close one, so high-profile Republicans (including let's say, for example, Mitt Romney) fly in to speak at the event to raise support and awareness for the Republican Senate candidate.

In addition, musicians with ties to the Republican party also play at the event.

This is a "political rally" - most everybody in attendance supports the Republican party in one way or another, and the speakers/musicians are staunch supporters of the party.

Political rallies happen on a federal, state and municipal level.

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