Definition of Relocation

What does the term "relocation" mean, especially as it applies to the business of sports? What is meant by the term "relocation"?

"Relocation" occurs when a sports team (usually a professional sports team) moves from one city to another.

In most cases, "relocation" occurs when one market is deemed to be a more viable market than another.

Definition of Relocation - Financial Dictionary - SportsIn many cases, a team is struggling mightily with attendance when they decide to go ahead and relocate to another market. The strength of the regional television market is also usually a key factor in deciding whether or not to relocate teams.

In some cases, an owner may just decide to move a team to their "hometown".

Last year, the Atlanta Thrashers of the National Hockey League were sold and relocated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg is a much stronger hockey market, and Atlanta was struggling to put people in the seats and was losing millions of dollars. In this case, the relocation of the team made perfect sense, and the league, as a whole, is much stronger after the move.

Other examples of recent relocations:

-Seattle Supersonics moving to Oklahoma
-Charlotte Hornets moving to New Orleans

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