Definition of Renoviction

What does the term "renoviction" mean in the world of real estate? What is the definition of the term "renoviction"?

The term "renoviction" has been popularized in the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Quebec.

With the "renoviction", landlords would evict tenants under the guise of saying that the home would be undergoing major renovations, so the tenant wouldn't be able to stay.

This was a clever way for some landlords to get around rent controls, as they would evict a tenant due to an upcoming "renovation", only to rent out the property to a new tenant at a much higher cost.

In the province of British Columbia, for instance, rent increases can only be a certain amount every year.

By "renovicting" a tenant, a landlord would be able to re-list the property at a higher rent.

To counter this, some municipalities have enacted rules to prevent this from happening, including allowing the existing tenant to move back into the property once the renovation is finished.

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