Definition of Safe State

What is a "safe state" as it applies to the world of US politics? What is meant by the term safe state?

When it comes to the US Presidential election, there are two types of states - battleground (or swing) states and "safe" states.

Definition of Safe State - Elections and Finance DictionaryA battleground state is a state in which there is no clear historical trend when it comes to how voters will vote. For instance, a state like Florida could vote Republican one election cycle and Democrat the next. For this reason, Florida is a "battleground" state and very important to both the Republicans and Democrats. If you win in a battleground state like Florida, then there is a very good chance that you will win the Presidency.

A "safe state", on the other hand, is a state that is going to almost always vote a certain way. For instance, Texas is considered to be a "safe" state for Republicans, as they have only lost the state once in the last 10 elections.

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