Definition of Stay-At-Home Order

What does the term "Stay-at-Home" order mean? What is meant by a "Stay-At-Home" order?

A few months ago, the idea of a "Stay-at-Home" order seemed unimaginable.

Dave explains the meaning of the Stay-At-Home-Order.  Illustrated is a home sheltering the population from the viral outbreak.A "Stay-At-Home" order occurs when a government (such as a state or the federal government) issues a order that is meant to severely limit the amount of interaction that takes place between citizens. This is done to prevent the quick spread of a disease, such as the Coronavirus.

The typical "Stay-at-Home" order contains the following elements:

1) Non-essential businesses closed for a period of time
2) Limited gathering sizes
3) Admonishments to maintain social distancing
4) Sick required to quarantine
5) Outdoor excursions allowed only to gather food/medicine, perform essential travel (such as travelling to work) or helping the needy

These things are typically allowed with the "Stay-at-Home" order:

1) Buying groceries
2) Buying takeout food
3) Doing outdoors activities such as running, walking (provided that social distancing is maintained)
4) Travelling to work at essential business
5) Helping others in need
6) Buying medicine for yourself or others

The typical "Stay-at-Home" order has a predetermined end date, though can obviously be extended if the virus hasn't been contained.

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