Definition of Stock Basher

What is a "stock basher"? What is the definition of a term "stock basher"?

A "stock basher" is someone that will constantly "bash" a company in the hopes of inspiring a lower share price.

In the vast majority of cases, a "stock basher" has a short position in the stock that they are bashing, which means that a lowering of the share price will lead to financial gains for the "basher".

Stock Basher definitionThe rarer case of a "stock basher" is a former shareholder or former employee of the company who is seeking some sort of payback.

There is nothing wrong with pointing out the negative aspects of a company. You can do that all day long if you want to.

However, the line is crossed when exaggerated claims or outright lies are made about a company. There is no protection for this kind of behavior/speech, as making exaggerated/false claims about a company is considered to be illegal activity.

What You Can Say

"Wow, XYZ's latest earnings report was terrible! They missed by 5 cents per share and lost a key contract to ABC! Their best days are behind them!"

Assuming that XYZ missed by 5 cents per share and lost a key contract, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying something like this.

What You Can't Say

"I have a friend at XYZ who says that their earnings are being pumped up through a fraudulent accounting trick! They are also about to lose 3 key contracts, and the CFO is going to quit! Sell all of the shares that you own!"

Either you have illegal insider information (unlikely) or you are spreading lies about the company (most likely). Either way, what you are doing is illegal.

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